George Made a Wish

It’s been a long time since I last posted – but take it from me, no news is good news!  George’s bloods have maintained really well over the past months with all our hospital visits being routine only.  He’s still enjoying going to school and his daily chemo and trips to theatre for spinal chemo are just part of our routine now.

George Rooza

This time last year Make a Wish Foundation confirmed they wanted to grant George a wish.  At the time we weren’t ready to accept their offer due to George still receiving very intense chemotherapy and still being too poorly.  The lovely volunteers from Make a Wish had come out to our house to chat to George about his wishes which included an ice cream off the ice cream van and to visit the local fire station….! the guys from Make a Wish giggled with us and said they often get this kind of request but really try to make it a once in a lifetime experience for the little ones.

They asked George some questions and through water parks, ice cream, santa, snow, Lego, slides, fire engines and aeroplanes, they came up with three wishes and left to speak to their head office about which one they could make work.  Not long after, we received a letter confirming they’d like to send George on an aeroplane to a sunny destination where he can go on water slides and eat ice cream to his hearts content.

George and his Make a Wish Memory Box

It was an emotional time and whilst still facing a few hurdles I don’t think any of us could really imagine being in a position to leave the country.  We postponed his wish until 2017 so that we could gauge what life in “maintenance” would be like for us.

And so here we are…. I opened the full itinerary this week from George’s Wish pack and had a little cry – firstly at just how personal and special they’ve made it, and secondly with relief.  Relief of how far we’ve come and that he’s so well, we’re actually comfortable with going!

I’ve had to scrape the kids off the ceiling this evening to get them to sleep as we head to Portugal tomorrow morning (if there are any thieves reading this, my house will occupied, I have eyes everywhere and we have a guard cockerpoo who will eat you for her breakfast).

  Georges Beads of Courage

I’ll be honest I’ve had moments of guilt at times, and even considered not sharing our positive news.  I felt like we shouldn’t be accepting this at all while George is functioning so well at the moment. But then I look at all his beads of courage, every one of them representing needles, anaesthetic, doses of chemotherapy, port access, hospital stays, steroids, scans, tests and more… groups of colours or shapes of beads that I remember are from the times that I never want to visit again – the ambulance, when the pain relief wasn’t working, when I sat in my living room questioning whether he could breathe properly, feeling scared and isolated and more recently the moment relapse was being investigated…. I can’t even put into words how that really felt.  What I can say though is it’s all more than anyone should have to endure in a lifetime, never mind a little boy in the space of a year.

So after all my baby has been through, he deserves this, we all do.  His Beads of Courage are going to continue to grow for another couple of years yet – so we’re off to make a little boy’s wish come true – and we will all enjoy every last minute… wouldn’t you?


Lis x

It’s a bloody mongrel! – New puppy for a child in maintenance

Sugar Poo
Sugar Poo

As you may have already gathered, if you follow me on instagram or had the pleasure of watching my Vlog last week, we decided to get a puppy.  When I say we, I mean, Damien walked in from work to a lovely surprise a few weeks back!

I’ll be honest, I’m no expert when it comes to training a new puppy and the first night of her crying downstairs had me questioning whether I’d done the right thing.  The turd trodden through the house, the new aroma lingering around and our pussy cat, Pip, now residing upstairs had also contributed to me questioning my sanity.  Oh yeah, the three kids and regular hospital trips must also be considered.

Yes.  I admit it.  I know if it was anyone else, i’d be asking why!?

Pip relaxing out of the way of Sugar
Pip relaxing out of the way of Sugar

When George was diagnosed with leukaemia we were told new pets at that time were a no-no, as was travelling more than an hour’s radius away from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, holidays, being around other children that could be carrying contagious illnesses and a whole host of other things that most other people take for granted.

Since then, we’ve watched in horror as our baby suffered the devastating side effects of cancer treatment.  We’ve comforted Oliver as he questioned whether the medicine was going to work for his little brother and Harriet as she cried for me whilst I left her to be at George’s bedside.

These days however, we’re in a completely different place.  George’s treatment has progressed well, he’s attending school and we’re now able to leave the area as long as we’ve let the hospital know – progress.  I asked George’s consultant as he entered the maintenance stage of his cancer treatment whether a new pet was still off limits.  The doctor felt that providing we’re practising good hygiene at home and the puppy is fully vaccinated then welcoming a new family member has more positives to offer than negatives for us.

Sugar coming home with a teary Oliver
Sugar coming home with a teary Oliver

The kids have always longed for a doggy… I decided the they deserved this, and the fact that I’m hanging around talking to myself on Vlogs, I took the them “just for a look” a few weeks ago at some puppies.  Obviously we came home with a fur ball on Oliver’s knee and wondered what the hell do I do with it now?!

“Sugar” as Oliver named her, is a Cockapoo – a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Toy Poodle or a “bloody mongrel” as one lovely lady kindly pointed out to me on the park at the weekend.  She doesn’t appear to be a curly-poo, more of a silky-poo and she’s definitely a clever-poo…. I’ve taken to adding poo on to everything Sugar orientated like a real-life mushy dog owner.

We chose this particular “breed” or “cross-breed” as Cockapoos are renowned for being great with children (v.important in this house!), are affectionate, not major barkers, are clever and don’t shed or drool a lot – perfect for a novice dog owner like me.

Chilling with Sugar
Chilling with Sugar

Oliver cried when I said we could have her.  My son, who I’ve hardly seen cry since he was a baby, cried!  Harriet speaks to Sugar in her own language and is completely besotted and George thinks he’s a dog too.

Sugar (poo) is perfectly timed for me as well… i’m not one to sit around watching Jezza or spending my life tidying, our house is a home, it’s clean, but I don’t want my gravestone to read “her house was really tidy”….. so now I have a new little friend to keep me company while the kids are in school and sometimes I’ll move things around in an attempt to do housework around puppy dates and walks.  She gets me out and about in all weathers when I wouldn’t have bothered before, getting a bit of exercise all the way to the pub on a Friday afternoon.  In all seriousness though, it’s refreshing getting out to blow the cobwebs away.

Harriet teaching Sugar to lie down
Harriet teaching Sugar to lie down

She’s already sorted her toileting out which is a major bonus with George around.  With the added bonus of the artificial grass, we can wash everything away and disinfect too.  She sleeps soundly at night, can sit, roll over and give her paw…. I think I’m a dog whisperer!

We’ve been to a Puppy Party – yes this exists! we’re going to training classes and we’ve met loads of new people (of course) out with their dogs on the park, it’s like a whole new social life.  Sugar seems really happy and settled in the mad house, she’s strangely soft towards George and loves to learn new things.  We’re looking forward to many happy memories and when I say she’s great company, I mean I’m still being watched on the toilet x

(I must note that our Consultant’s opinion on whether us as a family could take on a new pet is not a blanket decision for all oncology families.  If your child is receiving cancer treatment, please speak with your child’s doctor regarding new pets as everyone’s story, situation and treatment is different).

Puppy love
Puppy love