A confused hospital visit and happy times

It’s been a busy old week in our household, what with the school holidays and same hospital appointments to attend, visitors and a few late nights in a row for the kiddywinks.

Last week were told that due to an unusually low blood count results for George he was going to need an unscheduled bone marrow aspiration.  This was worrying us both a little, but had typically not told each other and just got on with things hoping for the best.

I was under the impression if George’s bloods had improved by Wednesday this week, he wouldn’t need the bone marrow aspiration, but the Doctor had prepared us and booked him in just in case.

Harriet and Olivia eaten ice lollies
Ice lolly time!

Wednesday came along, my lovely friend Andrea came and stayed at ours with Oliver and Harriet while I took George to Alder Hey.  He was super brave as usual with his blood test and got his smiley face plaster and off we went on our way.

The kids had a fab day playing with Olivia and Ray and by 4pm I couldn’t hold off any longer and called the hospital to see if his bloods were back.  Whoever it was said that his bloods were all great.  I was so made up I did a little running man dance on the spot!  It felt like a weight lifted knowing his bloods have recovered – panic over?

George showing Ray his fire engine
George showing Ray his fire engine

The reason for the panic for us with George is that his bloods behaved in the same way when he was diagnosed – everything was low.  Normally most children’s leukaemia diagnosis is picked up in a routine blood test where the lab can see something suspicious lurking (technical terms!), usually a large amount of white blood cells, and alert their doctor.  With George, his bloods stayed low and got lower and lower (including white blood cells) until a bone marrow aspiration was performed and they found leukaemia causing trouble.

So as you can imagine knowing George had been OFF chemotherapy, that normally knocks his bloods counts down, having a break for two weeks then finding his counts were still abnormally low, had raised concerns.  The bloods having risen I thought meant everything is okay after all.

We were told we still needed to go into Oncology Clinic at Alder Hey on the Friday because George needed to be checked over and prescribed his next dose of chemo.

An excited Harriet and Mummy at Little Mix!
An excited Harriet and Mummy at Little Mix!
Little Mixers
Little Mixers

Thursday night Mummy and Harriet had a gorgeous girly night with our friends by going to see Little Mix.  We got dressed up, had tea out in Manchester and donning glow stick bracelets and head gear we “Got Weird” It was Harriet’s first concert and it was ace.  Myself and my Little Mixer didn’t get home until 11.30pm so were absolutely shatttered… of course Hattybojangles was up at 7.15am full of beans on Friday morning <head in hands>

Cute, George stood on Olivers feet in clinic
Cute, George stood on Olivers feet in clinic

Damo had taken the day off work on the Friday and was meant to be doing the hospital run but ended up staying home with Harriet and a bad back while Oliver and I took George together for a change.  It was quite a novelty having big brother around to keep him occupied.  We also saw George’s favourite play worker who always makes him smile, Pip! who he laughs at asking why she has a cat’s name! (this is cute if you already know us… our cat is called Pip).

George being checked over by the Doctor at Alder Hey
George being checked over by the Doctor at Alder Hey

So I brazenly walk into the Doctors office once George had been weighed and had is heart rate checked to be asked if he had been nil by mouth?  errrr….. No?? Why? he’s not going to theatre?  so the doctor goes on to tell me that indeed theatre had been cancelled that afternoon so he wasn’t going, but they do still need to perform his bone marrow aspiration.  George had been on steroids that week and I learnt only on Friday that steroids affect blood counts… still learning.  But basically this means, he’s now in next Friday for bone marrow aspiration to see what’s going on as the steroids may have been elevating his counts.

He is due in on Friday for a lumbar puncture / spinal chemotherapy in theatre anyway, so they’re doing it at the same time.  This is the staying lay down for an hour after theatre day so wish us luck!!

We did take advantage of George not being neutropenic (very low infection fighting cells) and ventured out to Lymm Dam today which was nice – i’m not 100% on how cautious we need to be but we weren’t in a crowded place so gathered it would be good to get out while Nanny Jane and Grandad Tony were visiting for some fresh air.

It was lovely to see George actually doing some walking, peeping behind trees and playing, be it with the buggy nearby, as he’s not walked further than around our house really for the last few months.  I’m hoping to make the most of this lack of pain and being fairly well in himself before May is upon us and his intense treatment begins.

We even managed to go out for a meal with Nanny Jane and Grandad Tony!? usually we’d be avoiding crowded places like the plague but luckily found somewhere we could sit out of the way of everyone else in The Black Swan.  It was early so only a few other tables were taken… we all enjoyed the treat without the washing up 🙂

This has actually got me thinking, some lovely friends are organising a St George’s Day Fundraising Toddle for our garden project that we really want to attend in a couple of weeks but it’s going to be mad busy isn’t it!?  I’m probably going to have to put something out there on the Facebook Event to state, which I’d hope would be a given anyway, that anyone whose children have chicken pox (worst case) or contagious illnesses to please bear us in mind and maybe sit this one out.  Sniffles and colds aren’t so bad by the way, they’re unavoidable.  I’m going to speak to the hospital about to find out more too..

Board games and stories
Board games and stories
Aunty Shan and Harriet
Aunty Shan and Harriet

We also had a visit from Aunty Shannon, Nanna and Grandad Chris today which was nice… Aunty Shannon was climbed all over bless her.  Birthday snuggles all round for Aunty Shan who is 19 on Monday!?

So amongst George’s steroid induced sleepless nights, stubbornness, munchies and roid-rage… and apart from the bloods still being in the air, we’ve had a lovely week with friends and family.  Now these kids can get back to school and Playdays this week, I need a brew that’s at least room temperature!!


The fundraising abseil and gorge walk – Success!!

Today was an amazing day.  Myself and my beautiful friends walked up a gorge an abseiled off a 90ft bridge.  My friends had been raising money over the week to help us fund a project to makeover our garden for our children to enjoy.

Fun bus!
Fun bus!

The day started with sunshine and bacon butties at Sarah’s house and a drive in our fancy minibus courtesy of Beth.  We drove into the Peak District to meet Malc from Truth & Trust Adventure and headed to the gorge location.

Cheese in the waterproofs
Cheese in the waterproofs

We changed into our attractive wetsuits and waterproofs and set off feeling excited! well I was, I know some of the others were a little apprehensive.

A few of us took a dip and there were definitely more than a few bruises earned as we moved up through the gorge on the slippy rocks and waded through the freezing water! it was good fun 🙂  The highlight was most definitely Claire scaling the waterfall…she was rather vocal, lets say! and Carly bailed so many times that Malc started pointing out slippy rocks to her directly.

We got to a point where it was time to head back to dry and change as there was a bit of a drive ahead to get to Millers Dale Bridge at the Monsal Trail.  That was interesting, all 8 of us at the side of the road trying to remove waterproofs, wet clothes, wetsuits and underwear to change into dry things!

We parked at the next destination and ate our lunches, Kath being Kath had a surprise bottle of fizz up her sleeve and even mini glasses – call it dutch courage.  We ate our “buffet” and followed Malc to THE bridge.

Then I witnessed some of my closest friends, scared to death of heights and completely out of their comfort zone face their fears and take that step over the railings of a 90ft bridge.  I think we were all expecting to brick-it a little… may be some more than others… but I was in bits at times just watching my amazing friends, some of whom were frightened and in tears, challenge themselves.  For me, for my family and because YOU were kind enough to sponsor them.

Claire receiving a well earned hug from me x
Claire receiving a well earned hug from me x

There were some lovely moments down underneath the bridge reeling each other in and giving a great big hug for whoever needed it.

It has been a very emotional day in more ways than one, we’re all knackered and I can’t tell you how proud I am of everyone.

The icing on the cake on the way home, once we got some signal and 4G was that our fundraising amount had hit £2250! that’s an astonishing amount in such a short space of time…. and I owe it all to all the lovely friends and family who have donated so far, and the donations raised by my girlies – Dawn, Claire, Sarah, Yvonne, Beth, Carly and Kath, thank you for everything, I love you very much x


Uptown Funk by George and Oliver

Lisa Rooza
March 13, 2016

Oliver is such great big brother to George, throughout everything he’s always there encouraging him, having fun and carrying on as normal.  Excuse the state of the house, Damo is building flat packed furniture in the background.

As you can see from their Uptown Funk video, Oliver has bags of energy and Georgie has all the rhythm bless him…

Mummy & Harriet quality time


Harriet and I had a lovely Sunday at Dolly’s Haberdashery and Sewing School in Warrington a few weeks ago.  We needed some girly time she had been feeling a little bit overlooked lately.

Father Christmas had bought Harriet a sewing machine that unfortunately had remained in the box ever since it was unwrapped :-/ George’s diagnosis came just after Christmas so everything had been up in the air for all of us.  The box had become a wonderful place to pile clothes on top in the meantime.

I’d seen Dolly’s promoted on Facebook through friends and thought it’d be a nice idea for us to go together.  So we set off a few weeks ago and looked forward to a girl’s afternoon.

Linsey was very patient with a very giddy “enthusiastic” Harriet who’s alter ego had arrived too “Harret the Carrot”! I think i’ve laughed along with crazy Harret the Carrot a bit too often so she’s a regular visitor.

Harriet wanted to create an amazing dress or a hat, but as that was a little ambitious when we didnt even know how to thread a sewing machine, we settled on a nice bag instead.

Once Harriet stopped jumping ahead of herself and being cheeky, we learnt how to thread our machines and got on with our bags.  We were there for around an hour and a half which I thought was great value for money at £30 for the private class.

Us modelling our handmade bags
Our new bags and a giddy kipper

With our finished articles we swished down the street into Warrington Town Centre for a mooch around the shops.  Harriet spent her pennies on some trinkets which have subsequently been lost in the abyss of her bedroom, but she enjoyed carrying them in her bag for a while.

Armed with her new skills, Harriet has since been sewing little “Harret the Carrot” bags to order for her friends, they’re now in high demand!  she’s even had Nanny Jane posting fabric up from her shop for her.

Harriet’s learnt new skills and has had a great sense of achievement since with her orders – we will be back for more soon!