2016 what a corker! One leukaemia diagnosis and a million amazing moments

Quick Update: I’ll keep it brief!

Jurgen Klopp popped in for a visit

George is fine… great in fact! after a few scary days in Alder Hey, he was back to his old self, his MRI was clear and we’ve had Christmas at home.  Just wanted to thank my wonderful little sister, Shannon, for coming to the rescue wrapping the last of the kids presents while we were in hospital.  Thank you for also holding my hand around Tesco at stupid o’clock the night before Christmas Eve on your one day off over the whole festive period.

Tickles off our lovely nurse Mary

Thank you to our friends who as per usual picked me up, gave support, provided food and even offered Christmas dinner!

2016 has been a corker hasn’t it?  Certainly one we won’t forget in a hurry, and not all for negative reasons.  Yes childhood cancer suddenly became a huge part of our life, but we’ve watched George fight and Oliver and Harriet have filled us with pride. The positives have continued all year, our friends and community fundraised for our very special garden, George’s bedroom got a makeover and our situation made us appreciate our amazing friends, there was the wedding that no one knew they were attending, and our very special familymoon.  We gained Sugar-the-Poo and George started school.

We’ve met hundreds of new friends this year, gained an oncology family, have our new appreciation for life and a treasure each day as a gift.

Wishing all of our friends, family and followers a wonderful 2017, may it be filled with love and appreciation of the small things 🙂

Here’s one of our small things tonight!

Lis x