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Happy family photo
Pip lay on her back
Crap in your garden? me? never!

So there are six of us here, each with our own busy little life. Together, we live in our home in Warrington, Cheshire – not the proper posh bit, but in the not the proper rough bit either!  We don’t do a great job keeping up with the Jones’ with our overgrown lawns and weeds, a tarpaulin covered trailer on the drive and our cat sh*tting in everyone else’s gardens.

Nevertheless we’re blessed with friendly, helpful neighbours and friends who all look out for one another.

Damien and Lisa smiling at a festival
Damo and Lisa at JustSo


Damo works full time in Manchester City Centre – anyone who commutes to Manchester from Warrington will feel his pain.  An amazing Daddy and the most stubborn guy you’ll ever meet because he doesn’t agree with everything I say 😉 you should avoid him if you don’t get sarcasm  Read Damo’s latest.


I run around like a headless chicken most of the time caring for our child with leukaemia, as well as our older two children.  I took a year out of teaching private antenatal classes when George was diagnosed but have since trained in KG Hypnobirthing and have my own business – Birth Geek!

My motto is “why say it in 3 words when you can say it in 300?”, I have a habit of waffling and going off on a tangent! A fan of procrastination and have lots of friends to help me with this.  I’m a rubbish photographer who loves taking photos.  Catch up on the latest with me here.

Oliver in a cheque shirt
Oliver looking smart


My eldest son is an absolute adrenaline junkie! If there’s something to climb, jump or dive into, he’ll be all over it.  He’s quick witted, clever and hugely competitive.  He’s one of those annoying kids that don’t really have to try hard to achieve but distracts everyone else.  He loves adventure and likes to cycle, skate and basically take part in anything fast and dangerous! we could all learn something his determination and grit.

Read what Oliver has been getting up to lately.

Harriet lifting a handmade weights bar
Strongest woman!


Where do we start with Harriet? she’s the quirkiest little thing… funny and clever and usually found creating something! whether it’s a paper house, sewing a bag, making a mud pie or drawing a picture, she’s usually making a mess! you can’t help but adore her desire to be different.  Whatever she’s creating can usually be found under nails and in her hair.  She’s a typical girl who knows her own mind and is bag of energy.  At times she’s volatile and can go off like a rocket!  with loads of friends, my outdoor girl is a little mini-me… my Hattybojangles.

Read Harriet’s latest escapades here.


George’s first year – treatment for leukaemia

His wicked sense of humour means that everyone falls in love with Georgie Roo from the moment they meet him.  His big blue eyes suck you in first then his clever, cheeky personality has you hooked.  This boy has rhythm and loves dancing and music like his Daddy.  George is one of the bravest boys you’ll know.  Since his leukaemia diagnosis he has wowed us in every way with his straight talking and acceptance of his illness and treatment.

You can find the latest posts about life in George’s world here.

Sugar Poo
Sugar Poo

Sugar the Cockapoo puppy is the latest addition to our family – like the rest of the gang, she’s clever and fun and fits in absolutely perfectly. The children had always wished for a doggy so we finally caved once George moved into the maintenance stage of leukaemia and was starting school.  So far, getting a new puppy during treatment has brought so much happiness to the family, as long as we practice good hygiene, we anticipate many happy years together ahead.

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