Friendship, fate and the three musketeers

So I thought i’d be updating with how we got on today.  I’d been psyching myself up, friends had given me a “survival kit” for the car should #pukegate happen again (thank you for that! you know who you are x) and I’d organised for my friend Nic to come with us to hospital for moral support.  But, me being a tool and all, I completely misread George’s treatment plan and Day 9 Chemotherapy is actually tomorrow.

The little gnome
The little gnome

Over the last few glorious days Georgie and I managed to start planting up some hanging baskets and his gorgeous “Little Plot” box.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t got a clue what i’m doing, I literally watched a YouTube video to find out what to do with a hanging basket!

I made some plant purchases at one of my favourite places in Warrington, The Walton Lea Project.  It’s based in the pretty walled gardens at Walton Lea and you can find some absolute treasures there.  I love the fact that all their upcycling, crafts and flowers have all been lovingly worked on by adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues, early Alzheimers and mobility issues.  The Walton Lea Project is a charity providing supported employment.  George’s “Little Plot” was one of the gorgeous upcycling projects made from an old drawer, lovingly painted and lined.  It came with a little spade and some wild flower seeds and we even bought some little strawberry plants from them there, that George enjoyed planting in the sun.

Great helper
Great helper

I managed to nip into Homebase to buy the actual hanging basket stuff and to look for some containers for the garden (big unveil of the garden in another week or so!) and gathered I’d just ask a member of staff what I could put where.  There was a lady stood next to me while I was admiring a Jasmine plant that smelt beautiful and she commented on how lovely it was… I said i’d worry it wouldn’t survive in my hands, I don’t even know what to put in a hanging basket!  I told her our garden is going to be a complete blank canvas as we’re having it made over, she mentioned a few names of flowers and carried on with her day.

Further round, as I stressed while trying to get my shopping trolley over a hosepipe that was trailing across the walkway, the lady approached me again to tell me about a plant that would be great in containers in our garden.  I told her about George and the children, and why making the garden safe, easy to maintain and pretty meant so much to us now.  She stopped in her tracks and told me that she completely understood what we were going through, with a little break in her voice, that she had a garden for her son too.

Forget me nots
Forget me nots

Sadly, her son’s garden was full of Forget me Nots and Bleeding Hearts for she had lost her little boy to cancer.

I had a huge lump in my throat and just wanted to hug her, she was looking emotional too… It must have been fate for us both to be stood at the Jasmine plant at the same time.  I told her all about the wonderful people who’d rallied round to help us and to raise money for us as a family.  She said it had restored her faith in humanity.

I don’t know who the lady was, or her little boy’s name but I walked out with the Jasmine plant, Forget me Nots and Bleeding Hearts in my trolley, for our special garden and all the angels that I’ll tell my children about.

I must also add that George has been pretty chipper this week so far and has even been to Playdays!  the thoughtful girls there had organised for George to have his little graduation photo done just in case he isn’t well enough to attend later in the month.  I’ve not seen his photo but the photographer, Michelle Geritas was a cracker by all accounts and managed to take a few snaps of George and his best friends Casey and Seth.  How beautiful are they!?

So we’re off to a wonderful start this week, ready for tomorrow; armed with the survival it, the promise of a beautiful garden and as always the support of our amazing friends.

Lis x




  1. Brought tears to my eyes reading this. Fate’s a funny old thing, and something I really believe in. Thinking about you all, all the time. X

    1. Thank you Victoria, I think so too. I hope you and your family are well 🙂 your little girl is growing up quickly! She looks a like right little character on the pics I see xx

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