Typical Bank Holiday moisture in the air!

Time for some pinball
Time for some pinball

So the bank holiday weekend has been a bit of a wash-out, no surprise there with us doing Gung Ho and work beginning on the garden!

We went to George’s hospital appointment on Friday where he was taken off the chemo that we give him at home and prescribed some more morphine.  The ANP we saw was lovely and sat playing with George before checking him over.

The skies don't reflect the mood :)
The skies don’t reflect the mood 🙂

On Saturday, Oliver and his friend Isabelle, plus me and my friends Leanne and Ruth, took part in Gung Ho!  It was hilarious and hard work at the same time.  I did feel emotional at the start when the guy doing the countdown asked which charities people were running for…

Me and the big lad before the race
Me and the big lad

Oliver and Izzy pretty much ran ahead doing their own thing once we’d given them a peg up and over the highest wall with absolutely nothing to hold on to.  We meanwhile battled through these huge inflatable obstacles, being kicked and trodden on.  The highlight was probably as the heavens opened at the top of the 5-storey slide… and I don’t just mean it was bucketing down, that was already happening, I mean hailstone, freezing, rock hard hail.  So just imagine, with your mate who’s bricking it, stood 5 storeys up in the wind and hail then throwing yourself down this vertical drop and sliding straight through ice water.  I ended up like a turtle on its back hurtling arse-first with my eyes shut.

Post run happiness
Post run happiness

I’d like say it was exhilarating and I arose feeling empowered but i’d be lying!  it was bloody freezing, I was numb and feeling a bit on the damp side.  But we did it, we were triumphant!  Oliver and Isabelle were typically stood waiting at the end for us impatiently… asking why it took us so long!?

So I just want to thank everyone who’d sponsored us, and I wanted to give special recognition to little Noah Brown who is one of Oliver and Harriet’s good friends and also one of our neighbours – Noah sponsored Oliver out of his own money box.  So cute and caring.

Thank you also to Leanne, Ruth and Izzy for putting themselves through that for our cause, it means so much to us xx

The decking!
The decking!

The rain didn’t let up for the start of the work on our garden, the decking arrived on Friday and work began on Saturday.  The guys worked tirelessly over the weekend.. I’ve added a couple of shots for now but hope to do a full on before and after post in the future.

So this week, amongst the beginning of “Delayed Intensification” it’s also Harriet’s birthday.  George is due to be in hospital on a drip of chemotherapy that day so Damien and I are going to go with him but I am probably going to pick Oliver and Harriet up to take them out for tea.  Hopefully things will be different next year for her 🙁

We’re hoping tomorrow brings good news with George’s blood test so that we the next phase will continue from Wednesday.

I’m lucky to have regular support from Lynda from the Joshua Tree, she came to visit last week and listened for a while.  Lynda has been through all this herself with her own son who is now strapping lad in his teens.  It’s nice to be able to share my thoughts sometimes with someone who can completely relate.

I feel glad that we’re at this point and that another couple of months and we’ll be moving on to maintenance.  I know it’s the treatment that’s making things hard at the moment and not the cancer, things could be different.

So sick bowl at the ready, here we go

Lis x

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