Preschool and quiet sunny days…

This week George has managed to attend Playdays (his preschool) with the care and support of the fantastic staff there.

During this gentler phase of his treatment he’s managed to attend Playdays more than we’d ever anticipated.  He absolutely loves it, he loves his friends, the staff and we’re at the stage where we’re completely at ease with him attending (his health and energy levels permitting).  This wasn’t something I ever thought would be possible when he was first diagnosed with Leukaemia?!

We wanted to allow George to have as normal a childhood as possible regardless of his leukaemia treatment and although he is at risk in this setting more so than being at home, the positives completely outweigh the negatives in our opinion.   The positives being his about his mental health, developing social skills, maintaining his friendships and education preparing him for starting ‘big’ school in September (hopefully!).

We luckily already had a great relationship with the staff there and have also developed trust and even friendship with a lot of the parents, this is what has made all this possible for George.  So I want to say a huge thank you to the parents of George’s friends at Playdays for being so understanding of our situation and considerate.  I know some of you have been panicking yourselves.

Georgie feeding the birdies in the garden
Georgie feeding the birdies in the garden

Playdays have had the support from George’s Macmillan Nurse to ensure he is safe and the staff understand what they’re looking out for when he’s becoming symptomatic – I am always local and available for him at the drop of a hat too.

I think at first we were all a bit nervous of how it would work but things have gone really smoothly – Sharon and the girls recognised when George isn’t himself now and it’s not as scary as we all first thought when he is starting to go under.  I think we’ve had a couple of occasions where we’ve had to dash to hospital with a temperature during the day or where he’s just needed to go home as he’s burnt off all his energy.

The last few days he’s been so stubborn and has literally begged to go even though I can see he’s shattered.  Yesterday he was particularly quiet and I’d been wondering if he was coming down with something but I think he’s just not stopped on the days he’s been in preschool so is exhausted.

Today we’re having a quiet one and trying to allow Georgie to recharge his batteries ready for his St George’s Day toddle on Saturday at Walton Gardens.  He’s pottered about a little but has spent most of the time lay down resting.  He’s not eating quite as well as he was but it’s down to him having lots of ulcers in his mouth 🙁 this is common when you’re on chemotherapy, he doesn’t even complain about it.  He’s also had a nosebleed today which can be a sign of low platelets (again caused by chemo), George took himself off to the toilet and come walking back in holding a tissue to his nose saying “im just having a little nosebleed” …it stopped quite quickly and we’ll keep an eye on it.  He’s not phased by it one but.

These things aren’t so scary for us either now compared to how you feel about it in the early days of diagnosis.  It just becomes part of life now we know what we’re looking for and George just accepts it as normal for him.

Photo of Georgie and Mummy taken by Warrington Guardian
Photo of Georgie and Mummy taken by Warrington Guardian

We had a little more fame this week as our St George’s day Toddle has been featured in the Warrington Guardian It seems it’s going to have a great turn out with over 100 families saying they are attending.  There will be cakes, drinks and St George’s Day flags for sale while you enjoy getting involved with the toddle.  If you’re on Facebook you can view the event here and join the fun.

This event has been organised and sorted by my wonderful angels, Helen Dolce Lund and Sarah Poole who I can’t thank enough for making it happen.  Thank you also to all the people who are baking cakes and volunteering to run the cake sales, the toddle registration and helping guide the kiddies along the course.  I know my own Oliver and Harriet and some of their friends are going to be getting stuck in helping us out too 🙂

You can see how our fundraising is going here and also sponsor George himself if you want to.

So after a nice quiet day with the little man himself today, we’re going to collect the rabble from school shortly and see how they’ve got on on the Queen’s Birthday whilst dressed in red, white and blue… that was fun trying to sort out this morning amongst the building work going on upstairs and George sleeping in until 8.30am!  Then it’s drama class for Harriet tonight and we’d better think about baking something for Saturday.

I also know there’s a surprise at George’s preschool tomorrow that all the kids are going to love so hopefully he’ll be feeling up to it in the morning, even just for an hour or so.

Hope to see as many of you all on Saturday as possible, I will try my best to keep myself together xxx

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