Just another day in the life…

Ceiling leak
Drip, drip, drip

Today we awoke to a flood in the kitchen, water dripping from the lights and an ant infestation…. but with life being the way it is at the moment, I’m not really arsed!  not that these things aren’t a pain or an inconvenience but what used to send me into a frenzy of dramatic Facebook statuses, now seems irrelevant and petty.

Instead I put a pan under the dripping water, turned the boiler off, text our builder, chucked down some ant poison then headed off to drop the kids at school and get George to his appointment at Alder Hey.

George and his Beads of Courage
George and his Beads of Courage

I feel liberated! Since George’s diagnosis, it’s like I’ve had a virtual smack in the face – I feel like I’ve found out how to appreciate life and not let the little things get me down.  To be fair, I’ve always been fairly mindful and not someone who’d post statuses moaning about minor ailments… and if this is an awakening for anyone out there, you thank me later 😉  I’m finding myself rolling my eyes at people’s melodramatic Facebook statuses even more so – don’t lie that you’ve never done it!

A few days ago George was able to toddle around at Lymm Dam and eat in a quiet restaurant with our family – something we used to take for granted.  Today he’s slept for the majority of the day, when he’s been awake he’s cried and he’s shivered.  It’s been a beautiful day outside and he’s missing it, he’s felt sad and tired.  Some days I’ve questioned whether we’re doing the right thing raising money for our garden but it’s on days like today it feels completely right.

George's Beads of Courage
George’s Beads of Courage so far

Yesterday I cringed through an interview with Wire FM about what our family is going through, but found that when it came to thanking everyone who has supported us I became choked up!  funny how you cope talking through the terrible stuff, but I haven’t pre-programmed myself to keep it together when it comes to people’s generosity.  It’s like when you’re keeping it together and then someone says the dreaded “are you alright?” and receive full on waterworks.  I haven’t listened to myself in the interview and don’t plan to either.  Though I’ve been told I sound like a proper Manc, so it’s can’t be that bad 😉

George asleep
Snoozing George today

Poorly as George has been and potentially will be in the future, I know there are children we’ve met whose battle is tougher today, I’ve seen them in Alder Hey and I’ve met their mummies and daddies.  I know there will be parents who might receive that devastating diagnosis we did 14 weeks ago, bad news about their child’s condition, or will be at their bedside watching their little ones in pain…

We have a little boy who’s doing well considering, a leak that’s getting fixed and a pile of dead ants to vacuum up…. things aren’t so bad.

Happy Facebook posting folks 😉

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