The fundraising abseil and gorge walk – Success!!

Today was an amazing day.  Myself and my beautiful friends walked up a gorge an abseiled off a 90ft bridge.  My friends had been raising money over the week to help us fund a project to makeover our garden for our children to enjoy.

Fun bus!
Fun bus!

The day started with sunshine and bacon butties at Sarah’s house and a drive in our fancy minibus courtesy of Beth.  We drove into the Peak District to meet Malc from Truth & Trust Adventure and headed to the gorge location.

Cheese in the waterproofs
Cheese in the waterproofs

We changed into our attractive wetsuits and waterproofs and set off feeling excited! well I was, I know some of the others were a little apprehensive.

A few of us took a dip and there were definitely more than a few bruises earned as we moved up through the gorge on the slippy rocks and waded through the freezing water! it was good fun 🙂  The highlight was most definitely Claire scaling the waterfall…she was rather vocal, lets say! and Carly bailed so many times that Malc started pointing out slippy rocks to her directly.

We got to a point where it was time to head back to dry and change as there was a bit of a drive ahead to get to Millers Dale Bridge at the Monsal Trail.  That was interesting, all 8 of us at the side of the road trying to remove waterproofs, wet clothes, wetsuits and underwear to change into dry things!

We parked at the next destination and ate our lunches, Kath being Kath had a surprise bottle of fizz up her sleeve and even mini glasses – call it dutch courage.  We ate our “buffet” and followed Malc to THE bridge.

Then I witnessed some of my closest friends, scared to death of heights and completely out of their comfort zone face their fears and take that step over the railings of a 90ft bridge.  I think we were all expecting to brick-it a little… may be some more than others… but I was in bits at times just watching my amazing friends, some of whom were frightened and in tears, challenge themselves.  For me, for my family and because YOU were kind enough to sponsor them.

Claire receiving a well earned hug from me x
Claire receiving a well earned hug from me x

There were some lovely moments down underneath the bridge reeling each other in and giving a great big hug for whoever needed it.

It has been a very emotional day in more ways than one, we’re all knackered and I can’t tell you how proud I am of everyone.

The icing on the cake on the way home, once we got some signal and 4G was that our fundraising amount had hit £2250! that’s an astonishing amount in such a short space of time…. and I owe it all to all the lovely friends and family who have donated so far, and the donations raised by my girlies – Dawn, Claire, Sarah, Yvonne, Beth, Carly and Kath, thank you for everything, I love you very much x


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  1. Lisa,

    You know I am never stuck for words….EVER, but you my incredible friend, have left me utterly lost for words and I’m struggling to find the words big enough to describe how Unbelievably honoured and privileged I feel to have you in my life. Hearing the news your darling boy was diagnosed with the C word must have cut you deeper than any physical wound ever could and yet you, you show more courage than an army on the front line. You have got on, simply got on, for the sake of your family. By just being you, you’ve keep your family smiling, left them unaffected by what could of ripped the strongest of family’s apart. You my beautifully strong willed beauty have help him fight, fought with him, to get this far. He is doing this for you as much as you are for him. Soon a free George will walk head held high, hand in hand with you, smiling as ever, through the school gates proud to call you his mummy.
    This is why Kath, Beth, Yvonne, Dawn, Sarah, Carly, and I were more than willing to help you and your family have somewhere to go to get away from it all. More than anything George deserves rest bite from the needles, asparasions, poking, prodding, frustration, exhaustion and tears. A place to find requesite with family that would be lost without him and who are ever thankful that George with his adorable smile and spellbinding fighting spirit is kicking Cancers arse!!!

    Please continue to donate at and spread this amazing little boys story!

    Claire x

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