A bit off-piste…

Yesterday George had his appointment at Alder Hey for IV chemotherapy called Vincristine.  His port was accessed last week after a dash to hospital with a temperature and the gripper had been left in so we weren’t too nervous about further needles.

George looking out at a helicopter
Whilst waiting in clinic we got to see a helicopter land on the helipad much to George’s delight.  Luckily we’re far enough away to not really see what’s going on with it’s poorly passenger.  He was amazed and it kept him entertained for a good 20 mins.

We were one of the last to be seen as we arrived later than usual as we needed to drop Oliver and Harriet off with friends (thank you to Ruth and Nic for helping again!).  We went through to the doctor a little later and George was on form dancing and playing, full of beans.

George had been off his chemo medication that we administer at home for two weeks while his bloods recovered, so I was expecting for the mercaptopurine (chocolate medicine as he calls it) to be prescribed again and continue.  The doctor explained that his recent blood tests hadn’t recovered as much as they’d like so he’d have to stay off that chemo again… she had also added George to the list for a bone marrow aspiration next week which wasn’t part of the plan.  He’ll be in for bloods tests again on Wednesday to see where they’re up to and check he’s well enough to go into theatre.

In the cosy coupe on the ward
In the cosy coupe on the ward
Anything that crops up that’s unexpected is always going to be worrying but i’m keeping positive for next Wednesday.

The doctor also listened in to George’s chest and felt she could hear something so prescribed some antibiotics as a precaution.  He does still have a cough but no temperature so we didn’t have to stay in and fingers crossed, whatever that is may be what is effecting his blood count.

Nurse removing George's gripper and dressing
Nurse removing George’s gripper and dressing
So the Easter school holidays have been interrupted a little more but this is the nature of treatment for childhood cancer.  We can’t plan or predict what’s going to happen next and unfortunately Oliver and Harriet are also getting the brunt of it.

George still had his IV chemotherapy (Vincristine) that day through his gripper that was attached to his port still from being in A&E the week before.  I don’t quite understand why he would still have that one but not the other!? His nurse was lovely and really took her time removing all the annoying layers of adhesive tape – tearing the tape off is what bothers George more than any needles!

His nurse had spoken to him when she took bloods earlier in the week about naming his gripper so that they can chat about it.  “Barry” was removed yesterday leaving George able to have a bath / shower this weekend – yay! (yes…Barry of all the names?!)

We also left with more steroids as another burst of those started yesterday…. so the little meat monster that’s up all night is due back anytime!

So we’ve gone slightly off piste now during his “gentle phase” of treatment, and although we didn’t quite get the news we were expecting from the doctor, i’m keeping focused on the fact that everything has gone fairly smoothly so far.

Bridge abseil
Bridge abseil
Tomorrow myself and seven friends are going to be gorge walking and abseiling off a 90ft bridge for George’s GoFundMe Garden Makeover… hoping to watch the girls face some fears and have a good laugh at the same time.  They are all wonderful friends who’ve been working hard to get sponsors over the past few days.  We’re already at a whopping £1655 which is a huge amount towards creating a special place for our family.

Thank you Sarah, Dawn, Claire, Yvonne, Beth, Carly and Kath for doing this – you are all very dear to me – and thank you to the many sponsors who’ve contributed so far.  I’m looking forward to sharing how we get on if i’m still in one piece by tomorrow night – come on girlies! it’s only 90ft, it’ll be a breeze!! 🙂

Lisa x


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