Fundraising for George’s Garden

Currently feeling very lucky with all our fantastic friends rallying together to help raise funds for making over our back garden.

With summer looming and not many options of places to go with a child with no immune system, we’d been asking for quotes to straighten our garden up.  We wanted to make better use of the space for George to get outside and open it up so that Oliver and Harriet can get onto the park behind within view of the garden.

We also needed to provide easily accessible space for George while his mobility is affected and install some kind of canopy to protect him from the sun (he will be much more sensitive to the sun during chemotherapy).

One of our lovely friends decided to set up a sponsored toddle waddle at Walton Gardens in Warrington for all the babies whose mummies attended my birth classes to raise money for the work on the garden.  This lovely lady has then inspired other friends to get involved with fundraising and donating time and labour to our new project.

Bridge abseil
Bridge abseil

So far we have George’s preschool organising a walk, some of my best friends (who are usually right wimps!) gorge walking and abseiling off a 90ft bridge! our Warrington friends tag-teaming to rip the old garden up and out and donating time and skills to build decking etc.. we’ve got a St George’s Day Toddle, a coffee morning at Warrington Collegiate and our very own children and their friends entering runs, races and more… I have a feeling this list is going to grow!

If you too want to get involved by running for George’s Garden or have your own fundraising idea, do let me know.  If you want to make a small donation directly you can do so via our GoFundMe page here.

Oliver and I will also be joining Team Georgie Roo entering GungHo Manchester – if you want to sponsor us, all donations are gratefully received via our GoFundMe page.

I just want to add that without all my friends behind me, keeping me positive even when things are tough, keeping me sane, I don’t know where i’d be – thank you each and every one of you who have taken the time to help us, contributed to this fund and encouraged me every step of the way.  I love you all very much x

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