Gratitude in all shapes and sizes

So the last few weeks have been busy in our household, I thought i’d be sat at twitching since I’ve finished work but I’ve come to appreciate what amazing friends we have and difficult as some days may feel, there are always brighter moments ahead.

Here’s my list of what I’ve felt grateful for in chronological order –

SSmiling wildly outside Lidl
Yay for my day out!

1. I’ll start with the silliest one,  forget the brave cancer-fighting 3 year old, it’s my first solo trip to Lidl in a long time!  I headed to my supermarket of choice in great anticipation the other week.  I was slightly disappointed firstly, when I realised I had to park in a non-parent bay and walk an extra 10ft to the store, then, to my horror, I’d forgot my trolley pound and had no change… this is a nightmare situation in a Lidl / Aldi type store.  Have you ever asked the militant check out staff for change??

I bought loads of veg I have no idea what to do with because it was cheap and a million kiwis for 12p, then browsed the shovel / tuppaware / clothing in transparent pvc bags aisle, for things I must need.  With my undersized trolley over-packed with interesting veg and not one meal amongst it all, I ploughed on.  With one draped over the top to avoid a kiwi avalanche and shin injuries from the extra metal rack on the lower part of the trolled, I headed for the joy of the checkout queue.

I did the usual obligatory letting a bloke behind me with a pint of milk jump the queue, then the old lady with a loaf, then a woman and a baby with small basket and hold on a minute…? eff you to the next person, i’m avoiding eye contact.

Over-filled shopping trolley
Balancing act

Then, thinking I could stealth pack because I was child free, made the mistake of opening the two bags for life to fit perfectly in the trolley.  Only my shopping didnt fit perfectly did it? and the checkout guy was on a mission to prove his worth to Lidl.  So I ended up running back and to to the bloody packing shelf area with the odd cauli, multi pack of crisps and clinking bottles of, errr, “water” whilst desperately avoiding eye contact with Mrs One-bag-of-Sugar behind me.

I weaved my metre high shopping load back out of the store, smashing into some seasonal bedding plants en route and denting my own car on arrival.  I was satisfied with my first lone shop and grateful that it could have been ten times worse with a 3 year old with no immune system – roll on next week! might go mad and hit Aldi.

Simone Mollie and George
George having the tour of Mollie’s new room

2. The next day having bought a load shopping that should really be eaten fresh, George and I set off for our friend’s Simone and Mollie’s for lunch.  Mollie had moved to a new house so it was exciting to get the grand tour and see Mollie-Moo’s gorgeous new bedroom, complete with her very own fairy door!

Mollie and her fairy door
Mollie and her fairy door

Mollie’s Mummy, Simone, looked after us with tea, juice and biscuits and also treated us to lunch whilst I waffled and the kids embedded play doh into the new furniture.

The new house was proper posh and George is already mithering to visit again soon – you can see just how much here!


3. George received a parcel containing something he’d wished for the following day!  You can read more about his beloved pink sleeping bag with fire engines on here.  But what also arrived of Uncle Paul and Aunty Amanda was this beautiful story of the Hare who lost her Hair a highly recommended and emotional read for normalising hair loss and treatment for childhood cancer, or any cancer for that matter! it would be a good book for children who’s parents will be receiving cancer treatment too.  I plan on officially reviewing the book in due course so keep your eyes peeled.

Harriet holding a pile of fabric
Harriet and her new fabrics

4. As a treat for Harriet we’ve been to a sewing class and she’s been enjoying sewing since, so it was lovely to receive a nice treat in the post of Nanny Jane last week. Harriet received some new fabrics to practice with – the new range of bags will soon be in stock so watch this space!

Lisa Karen and Kath pulling silly faces

5. Mummy managed an impromptu tea out with some of the girlies at The Black Swan in Hollins Green, Warrington for food and wine.  It was just what the doctor ordered to offload a little and have a catch up.

6. Daddy had a little break last week too and went to the dirty pub with his Daddy mates… the lush rolled in at a rocking 8pm sozzled and fell into bed snoring, that’s pretty much the end of that story, but at least he got out for a few hours!

George and Seth enjoying ice lollies
George and Seth in the sunshine

7. Georgie then got another play date the following day to allow Daddy to suffer in silence (and also cook us a full Sunday roast!). He visited another one of his bestest friends, Seth!  They enjoyed ice lollies in the Spring sunshine and played beautifully all afternoon.  I think they only paused for drinks and biscuits then disappeared again.  It’s wonderful how he’s still managing to keep up with his little friends (of course while Mummy also gets to drink brews and chats).

8. I had the pleasure of witnessing my Oliver dressed as Monet explaining Impressionism in his school play this week.  I was a very proud mummy waving eagerly to him as he coolly smirked and just raised one palm to me…as in “alright mum, chill”…

9. We were grateful to receive a donation towards George’s new bed from some of our lovely friends (you know who your are) the Mark Gorry Foundation.  George is currently sleeping in his cot bed and whilst is fine for him for now, it’s not ideal when either Mummy or Daddy are sleeping in the same room.  I dread to think how many nights we’ve spent in the foetal position squidged in with him so that the other can get a full night’s kip!  we certainly both have the back ache to prove it!  MGF heard our story and sent us some pennies to help us get a single bed with a pull-out bed underneath.  This is going to make such a difference to all of us, we can’t thank them enough.

The Mark Gorry Foundation, I remember for the “Love your Balls” campaign, after a close friend of mine had the pleasure of working with Mark.  She helped raise awareness for the cause following his death from testicular cancer.  MGF‘s goal is to improve the understanding of the disease and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancer.  We’re very lucky that their fundraising helps any families who are affected by any type of cancer.

Sunset over Woolston
Sunset in Woolston

10. Not one to miss the bigger picture, I’ve really been appreciating the Spring in the air! <cue Damien’s eyes rolling> the sunsets have been breathtaking, and god i’ve missed the mild weather!  I didnt realise just how much I must have been hibernating since George’s Leukaemia diagnosis.

I love the sound of the birds in the morning and looking out over Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve behind us when I open the curtains.  The Spring flowers emerging where i’ve chucked old “dead” daffodil pots from last year in the back and even the amorous wood pigeons that the cat chases…  it’s time we start getting outdoors more when Georgie can!

11. Good old parents evening! Nothing like a parents evening gloat… all positive and both doing great… more importantly Oliver and Harriet’s schooling doesnt seem to have been affected by their sometimes turbulent home life.  Thank you again to our lovely friends who have helped us out so much by dropping them off and picking them up at the drop of a hat.

12. I’ve kept everyone up to date with his treatment, but this little boy’s strength is unbelievable.  Even George’s doctor was surprised over how well he was doing at his appointment on Friday.  He was in theatre for around 2 hours and away from us for 3, he came around from anaesthetic calm and even though he was allowed sit up if he wanted, he refused saying he didnt want a head ache.  This is a far cry from the initial weeks of upset.  I can’t believe how resilient he is, how patient he is or how brave he is.  He’s doing so much better than I ever expected.


So it was meant to be TEN things to be grateful for, but I like to be different 🙂  Harriet has got her friend visiting this week as she’s been keeping up with her little jobs with minimal meltdowns – here’s to another couple of weeks of positivity xx

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