Meat munchies

George with a box of 100 peperamis

As part of George’s treatment he’s regularly on steroids – don’t expect pictures of a body building a 3 year old!


These are the side effects:

  • Increased energy and wakefulness (i.e. lets stay up ALLLLLLLL night!)
  • Mood swings (I love you mummy… GO AWAY!!!!)
  • Increased risk of infections (This is new to me, good old Google)
  • Increased appetite (No shit.. we’re talking “can I have a ham butty?” at 3am!)
  • Indigestion (as there’s no space left in that tum)


George giving a thumbs up whilst eating a Peperami
Thumbs up for salami

George became partial to a continental meat platter here and a box of 50 cocktail sausages there during his last run of steroids.  His absolute favourite though, was a Peperami or three!  So imagine his delight now he’s back on steroids when a box of 100 Peperamis arrived in the post!

One of our lovely thoughtful friends contacted Peperami without us knowing and we received a box full plus a freaky Peperami sausage squidgy toy that shouts aggressively.

It was hilarious bless him, though I did have to ‘put them away’ or his dietician will have a heart attack.

Another lovely act of kindness x

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