Alder Hey Oncology visit Phase 3 Week 1

Friday 4th March  2016 was Day 1 of George’s third phase of treatment.  Mummy was very brave and even got a sticker herself for taking George to Alder Hey without Daddy!

The plan was that George was just having an injection of chemotherapy with a “butterfly injection” but unfortunately they felt George’s veins were too bruised from previous cannulas 🙁 This meant the magic cream was out in abundance covering all his available veins… It takes an hour to work – an hour of me sweating and fretting that is.

We were then seen by the doctor who checked George over and prescribed his chemotherapy and steroids for the next week.  The conversation about a permanent line was had again to avoid all these additional needles and upset for George. The doctor said she is looking at getting him in in 2 weeks but we’ll see about that.  There seems to be mixed opinions between the doctors as to when he should have his central line fitted (we need to work out the pros and cons to the different kinds of line he could have).

George was pretty put out whilst sorting the cannula, he was literally shakeing on my knee crying “is it nearly done yet!?” I can’t stand it either but know it’s necessary at this point. to be honest, it’s the ripping the plastic stuff off his skin that he’s crying about.

The IV team at Alder Hey did a marvellous job and got it in first time so easily, they’re amazing! As soon as it was in, he sat looking at it in his skin like a hard man… Saying its “all done now, can I have a sticker?” bless him.  Mummy got a sticker too for being brave 🙂

Back out of the room he just got on with playing with toys and wasn’t phased when the nurses came to give him his chemotherapy. That was done whilst he played and chatted and then we were free to go!! At 3pm – 5 hours later!

I was too late to pick Oliver and Harriet up from school as it’s a half an hour drive at least from Liverpool to Warrington.  Luckily we have the support lots of our local friends who jumped in and collected them – much to the kids’ excitement as it meant they got a quick play with their friends.

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