Joshua Tree Family Day – Feb 2016

We recently found out about The Joshua Tree – a wonderful charity who support families affected by childhood cancer.  They set up 10 years ago when their little boy, Joshua, was also diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (like George).

So far they have provided us with emotional support through 1-2-1 visits at home and also invited us to their family days in Northwich, Cheshire.  It was felt really beneficial to be around other families who are experiencing the same challenges as and no doubt emotions as us.

Oliver made a friend the same age as him who is now in the maintenance phase of his treatment.  He’s a lovely boy who Oliver is looking forward to seeing again next time.  It must be really comforting for Oliver to see his new friend leading a normal, happy life.  I’ve felt Oliver has been particularly worried about George’s diagnosis.

Harriet and Oliver in aprons giving a thumbs up for baking
Harriet and Oliver ready to bake

Harriet was in her element being crafty, creating a Mother’s Day card for me and both the older children got stuck in baking too.

There was even a Lego Police Helicopter there that George homed straight in on.  He loves Lego and the emergency services 🙂

I think Damien having the chance to chat to other Dad’s was really helpful.  I love a good chat wherever I am but Damien’s not one to walk up to someone and start a conversation – the lovely Lynda from the Joshua Tree was great at introducing families to each other.  I got talking to a few other mums whose children are also being cared for by Alder Hey so found out a few tips and about support groups I was previously unaware of.

All in all a lovely positive day out for all of us 🙂


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