What’s the crack here…


The strangest combination of Northern mummy blog humour and the journey through family life with a little one on cancer treatment.

Mummy to three feral kids, beautiful in each of their own ways and a pain in the arse in equal measure.

Three kids running riot with a puppy
The reason I blog right there….

Why the hell would you blog about this?

This blog was born on the back of my youngest child’s Leukaemia diagnosis in January 2016 – everyone’s hero, George Rooza!  Initially the blog helped me to communicate with our friends and family at the same time.  I quickly found it therapeutic to get my feelings out there whilst overcoming the taboos of talking about a journey of a child with cancer and their siblings.

Not only did I want to raise awareness of childhood cancer, providing an insight into the rough and the smooth but I also wanted to provide some kind of support to the families of other newly diagnosed children.  I’m no medical expert, but I am a parent who knows how it feels and I write it aaaaallllllllll down.  From the dishevelled greasey, rocking in the corner moments, to the proud first day at school feelings…. and there’s more to come.

I’ve always been a positive person and have a new found respect for “normal” life back home.  Although “normal” is far from it, it’s our normal with an added splash of comedy here and there to keep it real.

Blogging openly and honestly through the ups and downs of getting the balance right as a family of 5… married life, a busy household, work, Sugar the cockerpoo, a cat called Philippa, tropical fish that seemed like a good idea at the time and life with a child on chemo.

Who are you then?

I’m Lisa, a proper Northern Mummy, from Manchester, now living in sunny Warrington with Damo (he’s one of those Southerners).

Follow our journey through the challenges, monotony, laughs and love xx


  1. Hello lovely,we met today in Alder Hey X
    Love your blog! I’ll defo keep up to date with Georges’ progress( this will be is in 5 months yay) X

    1. Sorry I missed this! Lovely to meet you, time will fly by I’m sure… It’s long during hospital stays but with so many appointments to keep up with, time seems to pass quickly. Hope to see you around! And Best wishes Erin, thank you so much for allowing us to take the photo of your beautiful hair 🙂 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me using it for Georges big sister getting her hair cut to be donated to the Little Princess Trust xx

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